New to Dropsource? Use our Quick Start Guide to figure out your first steps!
Let’s start by understanding why you’re here. Do you have an app idea you plan to build?
No, just trying Dropsource out
Have you checked that Dropsource is able to support your use case?
Not yet
Check out our Tutorials section for video and text guides to building example apps in Dropsource.
Do you have an API ready to use in your app?
Yes / I don’t plan to use an API
Not yet
Check out our compatibility list for current and planned feature support.
Do you have a design or user journey for your app?
You will need an API if you want to use external data in your app. Check out our guidance on preparing your API for Dropsource.
You’ll find it quicker to build your app if you have a design / user journey prepared. Check out our tips on preparing your app for Dropsource.
Great – you’re ready to build your app! Use our Documentation to work through the process in Dropsource.
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