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Accessing your Source Code

When you’re finished working on your app, you can download your source code for exploration or further development. Your source code will be downloaded in a zipped file, so you will need to unzip it to extract the project files and import them into an IDE.

If you want to launch your app without carrying out any further development on it after Dropsource, you can request the deployment service and the team will walk you through getting your app ready to release.

ⓘ Note

Bear in mind that once you make changes to the downloaded code your Dropsource project will no longer be up to date, so make sure you have completed all of the steps you need in the editor before you spend any time working on your downloaded app. However, if you want to see the implementation details in an iOS or Android IDE while you work on your app you can do so at any time, continuing to work on your Dropsource project at your own pace, then downloading again when you are ready.

Your download will contain the files and resources necessary to carry on working on the app or export it for release.

Check out the tutorials on importing your source code into the IDEs for each platform:

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