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Integrating with Dropsource

You can integrate projects, tools, and third party services with Dropsource in a variety of ways, from connecting data to your app, to importing media, and even extending the functionality available in the editor.

Dropsource provides the tools to design and build an interactive app that connects to external data, producing native source code that you can customize, extend, and publish. Components that you use to deliver your app can currently be integrated with Dropsource in the following ways:

  • Web Content

    If you have a website or web content you want to present to users within a native app, you can use Dropsource Web Views to deliver it.

  • API Tools

    A variety of tools and platforms help build your API and prepare your specification for Dropsource.

  • Third Party Login

    You can currently provide login with third party services including Firebase (which you can also use to log analytics events), Facebook, and GitHub within your project, and we are actively working on more integrations with popular services.

  • Payment Processing

    You can process payments in your app using PayPal. See the Process a Payment with PayPal tutorial for the full process.

  • User Chat

    Your app can include user chat via Intercom, which you can also use to track analytics events. See the Chat with the User via Intercom tutorial for an overview.

  • Plugin Development

    You can extend the functionality available in Dropsource using plugins – we can work with you to add new Elements and Actions to your apps to achieve the user experience you need.

ⓘ Note

The Dropsource team is always exploring integrations for popular SDKs, services, and tools within the platform. If there are particular parts of your project or business model that you would like to integrate with your Dropsource app but aren’t sure how, get in touch via the Chat chat button button in the editor or help@dropsource.com.

See the Integrating with Third Party Services tutorials for step-by-step walkthroughs of using Actions involving external services.

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