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API Tools

Depending on your backend setup, you may need to use a tool to create your API or generate a specification to connect your data to Dropsource.

  • Mock Data in Stoplight

    If you aren’t ready to set up your backend data or API, perhaps because your app is still at the prototyping stage, you can try Dropsource out with mock data – this tutorial walks you through setting that up in Stoplight and using it in Dropsource in only a few minutes.

  • Create your API Specification File

    To connect your API to Dropsource you will need an OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) specification. This guide runs through the sections your spec file needs to contain in order to connect to your Dropsource app, including describing the endpoints, the request and response structures, and authentication details.

  • Setup and Connect to Bubble

    You can create a backend that’s compatible with Dropsource quickly and easily using Bubble. This tutorial outlines setting up an API in Bubble and connecting to it in a Dropsource app, including user login and signup, as well as retrieving and updating user data.

  • Setup and Connect to Backendless

    Backendless is another fast Dropsource-compatible REST API option that doesn’t require backend development experience or coding. This tutorial covers defining an API in Backendless and connecting it to a Dropsource app to log users in, query, and update their data.

  • Setup and Connect to Sheetsu

    Sheetsu allows you to make API requests to the data stored in Google Sheets. This tutorial walks you through connecting your spreadsheet to Sheetsu, authoring your specification file, and making requests from your Dropsource app to retrieve, search, and update the data.

  • Troubleshoot your Requests

    If you’re having trouble getting an API request to work in your Dropsource app, a variety of tools and techniques can help find the source of the problem. Check out some tips on using tools like Postman to test your requests.

If you need to setup your backend, API, or specification, but are unsure where to begin, check out Data and Dropsource.

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