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Plugin Development

The range of user interface Elements and functionality Actions you see in Dropsource by default are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can achieve on the platform. Each Element and Action is delivered using a plugin that exposes these features for use inside the editor.

We are always working on new plugins to extend the range of functionality available, so if you need something you don’t see in the editor, get in touch – we might have something that will work for you already, and otherwise we may be able to work with you to achieve the user experience you need.

The compatibility list will give you an indicator of the current state of availability for many options, but more are in the pipeline, and your feature suggestions are always welcome.

In the coming months we hope to expose our plugin ecosystem more openly, so that users like you can add custom Elements and Actions to your Dropsource apps, by uploading your own plugins – that we’ll work with you to validate for use inside the editor. If this is something you’re interested in being involved in, please get in touch help@dropsource.com.

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