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Including Media

You can upload custom images to include in your app UI. These images will be included with your app code when it is installed on a user device.

media button Click the Media button at the top of the editor to import your assets.

Alternatively, with an image element selected on the Canvas, use the Properties tab Choose button to select an existing image or upload a new one.

media assets

ⓘ Note
  • You can upload JPG and PNG images up to 10MB in size.
  • Dropsource automatically scales your uploaded images to fit different screen sizes. For optimal image quality across all devices, you should upload custom images that are four times larger than the intended use. For example, if you are adding a 100 x 100 image, upload a 400 x 400 asset.
  • Your files are displayed by upload date.
  • You can’t rename a file once it’s uploaded, so it’s best to use a short, descriptive file name.
  • Images for icons in your app should be PNG files of a single color with a transparent background.

On iOS you can play remote video and audio within your app functionality.

Loading Images Dynamically

To load an image into your app dynamically from the web, use the Display Image from URL Action.

image from url action

If the image URL is in an API response, add the Action to an API Event.

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