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Sending Parameters

You can send data to your API requests via parameters. Typical examples include:

  • adding data using POST requests
  • updating data using PUT and PATCH requests
  • specifying data to retrieve or remove using GET and DELETE requests

With an API in your project and a request added to the page, click the request to open it. The first section you will see is the Parameters tab.

parameter section

Dropsource supports four types of parameter:

Path Data included as part of the URL for the request (e.g. /users/:userId )
Query Variables added to the request query string (e.g. http://google.com?param1=data )
Form Data Data sent in the payload of a request with application/x-www-form-urlencoded or multipart/form-data as the content-type / consumes property
Body Data in the body of the request that can include JSON structures, with content-type application/json

You will see an indicator of the number of each type that a request accepts.

parameter types list

Select a parameter type from the list to specify input values – you can send data from various places in your app, including user input, variables, response data from other requests, and data entered manually.

  • Fields inside an object are nested in the list.
  • Required fields are indicated with the r icon.

Click a parameter field to set an input source for it – you can pull from different containers, but Dropsource will only allow you to select sources with the required type, for example a Text Field for a string parameter.

places parameter

ⓘ Note

If you’re sending data from user input, you can bind by clicking the field and dragging it onto the relevant Element on the Canvas.

Once a field is bound you will see a green dot next to it.

bound parameter

ⓘ Note

You can send images from your app to an API – check out the Photo Saver example app for a complete project that allows the user to upload images.

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