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Creating a Project

Log into Dropsource and click Create New Project to start a new app.

create project

Choose iOS or Android platform.

choose platform

You can start from a blank slate or choose from the starter templates for common app layouts and navigation structures. To try out a complete functioning project that you can run straight away, choose from the Example Apps. All of the templates and examples are fully editable, you can use them to learn about Dropsource, and can make any changes you like.

choose template

Click Next and give your project a name.

project name

Click Create and select your project in the list to open it in the editor. From here you can design your app and create the functionality you need.

ⓘ Note

Each new app you create will be set as a Basic project unless you upgrade it. You can upgrade to access Premium features for testing and publishing at any time.

Project Settings

Use the Settings controls on the left to specify platform-specific settings for when your app is deployed.

app settings

Editable settings include the icon, name, and details for any plugin functionality you plan to use in the project, for example via SDKs for location and notifications.

general settings

ⓘ Note

You will notice differences in the Canvas, available Elements, and functionality options between projects on the iOS and Android platforms – Dropsource generates standard native code, so your app is tailored to the platform you are working on.

Duplicating Projects

You can duplicate an entire project by opening the Project Settings from your Dashboard. Scroll down to the Project Actions section.

project actions

Here you can also rename and delete projects. Choose Duplicate Project to create a copy of your project.

confirm duplicate

Choose Confirm Duplicate to generate the copy. Your duplicated project will appear in your Dashboard list.

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