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Installing on an Android Device

To test your app on an Android device, first build it from the editor by clicking Test, with Mobile Device selected in your test configurations. If the build is successful you will receive an email at your Dropsource account address. Open the email on your device and install the app from the link included.

ⓘ Note

If you have previously installed the app on your device, uninstall it before attempting to install a new build of it.

Step 1: Tap the Link

Tap the link in the email to download your app. Your device will prompt you to start a download. Press OK.

apk link

Step 2: Open your Downloads

After downloading the file, open the Downloads app on your device. You will see the newly downloaded APK for your Dropsource project. Tap the APK file to open it.

android downloads

Step 3: Update your Security Settings

If this is your first time testing a Dropsource app on your device, you may be prompted to update your security settings. If so, tap Settings in the dialogue box and continue. Otherwise, skip to Step 7.

android blocked

Step 4: Accept Security Settings

When you open the security settings on your device you may be prompted with a dialogue box informing you of vulnerabilities. Don’t worry, you can trust Dropsource! If you understand the implications, tap OK.

accept security

Step 5: Enable Unknown Sources

On the security settings page, find the Unknown Sources setting and enable it.

android unknown sources

Step 6: Select the APK

Navigate back to the Downloads app on your device and tap the downloaded APK file again.

android downloads

Step 7: Install the App

You will now be prompted to install the app. Tap Install.

install android

Step 8: Wait for Installation

The installation process will now begin. Please wait while the app is installed on your device.

installing apk

Step 9: Open your App

When the installation is complete, tap Open to begin testing your app!

apk installed

That’s it! Follow these steps whenever you want to test your app on a new device. If you have any trouble during installation you can access help via the Help button in the editor.

help button

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