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Getting Started

Want to make apps in Dropsource but not sure where to begin? Check out the links below to get started.

Trying Dropsource Out

If you don’t have an app in mind but want to try Dropsource out, check out the Tutorials for guides to building complete apps and specific types of functionality.

Exploring your Use Case

If you have an app you plan to build but aren’t yet sure if Dropsource can support your use case, check out the Compatibility List. Once you’re satisfied that Dropsource is right for you, scan through some recommended preparation steps.

If you’re not ready to start building your app but are preparing data or a web service to use in it, see Data and Dropsource for an overview of your options.

Plugging In

If you’re interested in extending the functionality available for your app within Dropsource, check out the Plugin section.

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