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Before Dropsource

If you have a particular app you plan to create in Dropsource, it’s best to have a few things prepared before you get started. These are not essential, but will make your project quicker and easier to build.

  • A visual design
    • If possible, prepare either basic or detailed graphical mockups of the UI for your app. When you get started in the Dropsource editor, you’ll create a page for each screen in your app, add visual and interactive Elements to each page, customize style and layout, and structure the page hierarchy. You can also upload custom media assets to use in your app. If you’re unsure which Elements Dropsource provides, check out the compatibility list.
  • A user journey
    • As well as a visual design, it’s ideal to have an outline of what will happen when the user interacts with each Element in your app, and how your functionality will be delivered. If you have a plan for when each piece of your app processing should happen, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and achieve the experience you want your users to have.
      • For example, how will users navigate between the screens in the app? In Dropsource you will add Actions to execute when Events occur – so if you want to navigate to another page when the user taps a button, you select the button and add a page navigation Action to its Tapped Event.
    • Will your app need to interact with other apps or functions on the user device (for example taking photos or accessing location)? Check out the current available functionality in the compatibility list.
  • Your data
    • What data do you plan to use in Dropsource? Will the data for the app all be stored locally within it or will you be using data from the web? You can connect to popular services or your own web resources via API requests – in which case you need an OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) specification file to upload into Dropsource. See Data and Dropsource for more on this.

If you have an app idea in mind but don’t feel ready to create these resources yet, it might help to consider a few questions about the app:

  • What problem is it trying to solve?
  • Who is the app for?
  • What data will it require?

Once you have answered these you will be better placed to think about what your app will look like and how it will behave.

If you aren’t ready to build a real app and just want to try Dropsource out – check out our Tutorials for full guides to creating example apps.

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