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Developer Assistance FAQs

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What is the Developer Assistance add-on?
Developer Assistance is an account add-on that provides direct access to our development team for guidance on how to build your app, API integration help, and assistance working through build errors and app troubleshooting. Once purchased, a chat window will be enabled in Dropsource so you can message our team directly.
Can I get help for all of my apps?
Yes. Developer Assistance is applied on an account basis – we will answer any questions you have regardless of what app you are working on. The only requirement is that you are building the app in Dropsource.
What level of support can I expect?
Depending on the type of question or error you can expect different response times:

  • General development guidance – within 1 business day
  • API guidance – within 1 business day
  • Build fails – within 1 business day
  • App crash troubleshooting – within 2-3 business days
ⓘ Note

These times indicate when to expect an initial response from one of our mobile development experts, not how long it will take to resolve an issue.

When will your developers be available to help me?
Our team will be available to help you Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST.
How much does the add-on cost?
The Developer Assistance add-on can be purchased for $1000 a month.
Does the Developer Assistance add-on come with the purchase of a Source Code License?
No. Source Code Licenses and the Developer Assistance add-on are purchased separately.
How do I cancel the add-on if I no longer need help?
If you no longer need assistance you can cancel your subscription by emailing billing@dropsource.com.
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