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Use Case Compatibility

Before you start preparing to build your app in Dropsource, take a minute to make sure we can support your use case. Check out the feature lists below for the current supported status of commonly requested app elements and functions. If you don’t see what you need, or it isn’t supported at this time, get in touch help@dropsource.com for more info.



  • supported
  • supported with caveats ✓*
  • planned ⧖
  • unplanned

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UI Elements

Feature Supported Note
iOS Action Sheet ✓* Ability to set title, message, and buttons.
iOS Activity Indicator
iOS AdMob Banner
iOS Alert ✓* Ability to set title, message, and buttons. Currently no option to embed inputs or custom views.
iOS Button
iOS CheckBox ✕* Checkbox functionality available via Image element properties.
iOS Date Picker
iOS Image View
iOS KolodaView
iOS KolodaCardView
iOS Label
iOS Map View
iOS Page Controller
iOS Picker
iOS Scroll View
iOS Segmented Control
iOS Slider
iOS Stepper
iOS Switch
iOS Table
iOS Table Cell ✓* Customization options currently don’t include checkable cells, expanding / sliding out, exposing buttons.
iOS Text Field
iOS Text View
iOS UICollectionView
iOS UICollectionViewCell
iOS View
iOS Web View
Android AbMob Banner
Android Alert Dialog ✓* Ability to set title, message, and up to three buttons. Currently no support for embedding inputs or custom views.
Android Button
Android Check Box
Android Edit Text
Android Floating Action Button
Android Horizontal Scroll View
Android Image Button
Android Image View
Android List
Android List Tile
Android Map View
Android Progress Bar
Android Progress Circle
Android Scroll View
Android Seek Bar
Android Snackbar
Android Spinner (Dropdown)
Android Switch
Android Text View
Android Toast
Android View
Android View Pager
Android Web View
Audio ✓* Ability to stream media in web view or download and audio file to play locally supported but media files cannot be embedded in app.
Custom Fonts / Special Characters / Language Support
Custom Images JPG and PNG formats.
Grid Views
Navigation Drawer / Menu
Video ✓* Ability to play remote media from URL supported but media files cannot currently be embedded in app.


Feature Supported Notes
Access Datetime
Ad Integration AdMob Banner, Reward, and Interstitial ads available.
Access Device Contacts
Access Device Music
Access Device Sensors
Analytics AWS and Firebase Analytics currently supported.
Animation / Custom Transitions
App Lifecycle Event Handling
Barcode Scanning
Calendar Functionality ✓* Ability to add events to the user’s calendar.
Conditional Logic If Else action.
Create Email App can create new email in device email app with message detail.
Create SMS App can create new SMS in device messaging app with message detail.
Device Keychain Access ✓* Currently iOS only.
Device Telephony App can open device dialer with number populated.
Image Encoding ✓* Base64 encoding currently available.
Import from Device Camera App can import photo from camera to UI.
Import from Device Gallery App can import image from gallery to UI.
Local Databases
Local Files Ability to access files from cloud storage providers and save images to device supported but no ability to create local files inside app.
Local Variables App can store individual values and basic object types.
Location App can access GPS geolocation data
Map Integration
Offline / Connectivity Management ✓* Ability to cache API request data and detect network connectivity changes.
Open Device Browser App can open URL in device web browser.
Page Lifecycle Event Handling
Payment Processing Payment via PayPal SDK is currently supported.
Permissions Requests ✓* Permissions requests for location / notifications available.
Push Notifications ✓* Remote notifications via services such as APNs, Firebase, and OneSignal available but currently no support for local notifications.
Random Functions
REST API Requests JSON data from web services can be imported via Swagger / OpenAPI specification documents.
RSS Connectivity / Import
SDKs ✓* SDKs for location, mapping, and notifications are available by default – for additional SDKs get in touch in case we can develop a plugin that will meet your needs.
Sharing Content ✓* Android only, coming soon on iOS.
Social Login ✓* Facebook currently supported, other platforms planned.
Spreadsheet Import
Streaming Media ✓* Support for streaming media through Web View and audio/video playback actions are available.
String Manipulation
Structured Data Structured data must be imported via API.
Third party authentication Auth with Firebase, Facebook, and GitHub currently supported.
Timer Functions
Touch Events ✓* Tap events supported, currently no long-press or multi-touch.
Touch ID ✓* Currently supported on iOS.
User Support ✓* User support currently provided via Intercom chat.
Virtual Reality (VR) / Augmented Reality (AR)
Web Database Connectivity Unless exposed via REST API.
XML Connectivity / Import

App Types

Feature Supported Notes
Phone Hardware
Tablet Hardware ✓* Currently targeted at mobile phones but with support for scalable constraints-based layouts.
Wearable Hardware
Widget Apps
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