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Your Account

Dropsource provides three account levels: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise.

Dropsource Basic and Premium

To access Dropsource, sign up by entering your details at dropsource.com, check your email, and verify your new account.

Each project in your account is either Basic or Premium. A single project is a mobile app for either Android or iOS. Each new project you create will automatically be set as a Basic project.

  • Basic projects are completely free, and provide access to the full range of functionality on the Dropsource platform, the ability to build and test in the browser, share prototypes (with Dropsource branding), and access support via the forum.
  • Premium projects additionally allow you to test your app on mobile devices, receive live-chat support, use sharable prototypes (no Dropsource branding), download your source code, and access publishing services from the Dropsource team.
ⓘ Note

The first new project you create after signing up will include access to Premium features for a 30-day trial period. After that the project will revert to Basic unless you upgrade it.

To upgrade a project to Premium, either click Upgrade in the editor with the project open, or navigate to your project Dashboard and find it in the list. Click upgrade or open the Project Settings.


In the project settings, click Upgrade to Premium to access premium features.

project settings

Enter your card details and click the Pay button. If payment is successful, you will see an indicator and return to the Dashboard – your project will now provide access to premium features for device testing, downloading, and publishing.

You can also upgrade in the editor from Test configurations and Builds > Deploy this Build.

new page

Check out the Billing FAQs for more information on payment and billing.

ⓘ Note

If you would like to delete or deactivate your account, contact us at sales@dropsource.com.

Dropsource Enterprise

With a Dropsource Enterprise account, you can access all Premium features (plus additional services and features) for each project you create.

Your account is managed by a dedicated customer success manager who you can contact by navigating to My Account > Billing from the Dropsource Dashboard.

Enterprise Contact

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