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Hotfix – May 4th, 2017

New Features

  • Beta 1 project support has been removed from Dropsource. These projects no longer appear in the dashboard and cannot be accessed.
  • Numeric types can now be converted to other numeric types (float to double, int to float, etc).
  • Android Plugins
    • Set Map Type
  • Dependencies have been added to action parameters to limit the available options based on values that have already been selected.


  • Updated URI descriptions for Android to meet new security measures.
  • Validation now prevents users from naming parent elements and child elements the same name. Every element on a page is required to have a unique name.
  • Images used in an Android app will now be pre-tinted rather than being tinted at runtime. This prevents memory and CPU performance issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking and dragging an element immediately after dropping it in a location now does not show the duplicate element.
  • If the user updates an api using a Swagger file that removes the response body of a path, the Response tab will no longer fail to load or cause the validation to fail.
  • On iOS, when creating a “Show Alert” action and setting just the title will no longer cause an error on that prevents the action from being saved.
  • Using the keyboard shortcut to copy text from an input will no longer copy an element if one is selected on the canvas.
  • Moving or resizing elements in Chrome on high resolution monitors will no longer cause the top and left constraints to be off by a large margin in the negative direction. Now elements will display exactly where they should.
  • When updating an API with routes to an API without routes, the last selected route will no longer be visible in select box used to pick an available routes.
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