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Release Notes – Apr 10th, 2018

New Features

  • When running the web simulator, users can now leverage Chrome dev tools to view all of the network activity for their application. This feature is currently only available in the Chrome browser.
  • We updated our code generator to support iOS 11.3, Swift 4.1, and XCode 9.3.
  • To prevent too many failed builds from being attempted in sequence, a notification message will now prompt users to update their app before attempting another build.


  • The device testing email has been updated to include information about the version of the associated app build.
  • Updated messaging for the unknown error state for the editor.
  • The deployment menu has been updated to include links directly to the Apple Developer Account and Google Play Store Account sign up pages.
  • Updated top bar loading state when the editor is first opened.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed copy on the billing page on Enterprise accounts.
  • Centered the loading animation after verifying an email.
  • Text color changed to black on the Enterprise learn more button on the project settings page.
  • Element tooltips and action tooltips no longer disappear after an API add/update/delete.
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