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Release Notes – Apr 21st, 2017

New Features

  • Smart guides have been added to Dropsource to make the alignment and positioning of UI element on the canvas easier. After an element is added to the canvas, simply drag it around and it will snap to other elements on the screen. Smart guides can be toggled on and off via the canvas preferences menu in the bottom right of the canvas area.
  • App settings are now plugin driven. This allows users to add support for many 3rd party services and SDKs without leaving Dropsource.
  • Android push notifications are now supported.
  • Android plugins
    • Card swipe view
    • Dropdown button
    • Android Create Date from Date/Time Picker Actions
    • Android iterate action
  • iOS plugins
    • Card swipe view
    • Video player action
    • Audio player action
    • Collection view element
    • iOS iterate action
  • A validation checker has been added to make sure all dynamic elements have a data source.
  • A validation checker has been added to make sure any required app settings are set.


  • Android dialog boxes now automatically dismiss when an app user clicks outside of the dialog. This removes the need to add an explicit close button to Android dialog boxes.
  • Right clicking outside of canvas menu with open another canvas menu rather than closing the menu.
  • Passive email verification has been added so pre-existing beta users can verify their emails.
  • Improved accuracy of internal data analytics.

Bug Fixes

  • Static list tiles can no longer be dropped into other static list tiles. List tiles can only be added to a list.
  • Using set value to set the image asset no longer results in a blank image in the compiled app.
  • Data types for containers are now empty when creating or editing a device variable. Previously, users could access unavailable data types when editing variables.
  • The events modal will no longer freeze when a user tries to set a page variable of type “java > arraylist” in the set value action.
  • The type fulfillment checker now properly validates data types when an API is updated.
  • The editor will now display properties with canSet = false in the context selector when using the set value action.
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