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Release Notes – Aug 30th, 2017

New Features

  • We have introduced monthly billing so users can now select a monthly or annual payment frequency when upgrading a project to Premium.
  • A billing page has been added to the dashboard to manage payment information, Premium Projects, and invoices for each user’s account. To access the billing page hover over your name in the dashboard navigation, click account, and then click billing.
  • Some of our newer users may have noticed an onboarding lesson after signing up for Dropsource that walked them through creating a simple app in Dropsource. Based on the results the onboarding lesson will now rolled out to the rest of our user base and become a permanent feature.
  • Plugins:
    • Calculate Travel Time action (iOS and Android)
    • Touch ID (iOS)
    • Accept PayPal Payment (iOS & Android)
    • AWS Analytics (iOS & Android)
    • Firebase AdMob Reward Ads & Interstitial Ads (iOS & Android)
    • Audio / Video support (Android – already exists in iOS)
    • Base64 Encode Image (Android – already exists in iOS)
    • Barcode Scanning (iOS & Android)
  • An enum input type has been added to app settings, which allows us to support more powerful plugin integrations like AWS analytics.


  • The design for the pricing information on the project settings page has been updated to more clearly express what features are available in a Basic vs a Premium Project.
  • A link has been added to project settings page to view our pricing FAQ.
  • We removed the avatar from the dashboard header and replaced it with a dropdown with the user’s name. Hovering over the dropdown will display a menu to access the account page or log out.
  • The visual design for dashboard loading state has been improved. It is no longer a white screen with black text.
  • The ability to strikethrough text for iOS labels is now supported.
  • A “page left” event has been added to Android pages.
  • The file upload input for app settings now supports uploading any file type.
  • The upgrade link in the editor under the app name now opens the project settings page in same tab as editor rather than new tab.
  • The tintable property is now supported for the Android FAB element.
  • Default icons and images in Dropsource will now render in the compiled app.
  • The default textview padding will now display the same in the editor as in the compiled app.

Bug Fixes

  • Builds will no longer fail if two requests for the same path (that returns an array) are created and only one of the requests is deleted.
  • The race condition that sometimes prevents users from opening their app in the web simulator has been fixed.
  • Apps will no longer fail to compile when there is a duplicate class name conflict. For example, if a page is named “one” and a view on that page is also named “one”.
  • When a user adds an action to an event on an iOS tab bar, validation no longer crashes due to an inability to find a corresponding page.
  • The text in an Android dropdown list element now aligns properly in the compiled app.
  • When a user uploads a Swagger which is invalid JSON, Couchbase API now returns a 200 response instead of a 400 response.
  • The issue that caused several projects to hang up during the second step of the build process has been resolved.
  • The events modal will now display the title of dynamic event.
  • Specifying a top that contains a space in the “Subscribe to Firebase Topic” event no longer causes the compiled app to crash.
  • If the user use API event data to perform a page transition to a page that requires that data for inbound navigation, and then they update their API spec to have that event data be a different type, a validation error will now throw.
  • If a parent element is dragged on the canvas, the smart guides for its child elements will no longer be triggered.
  • A validation error now throws when a user defines a Request, and in its sub-events, rerun the same Request.
  • An error message with instructions will now display when a computer’s system clock prevents uploading images.
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