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Release Notes – Jan 12th, 2018

New Features

  • Duplicate project has been added allowing users to create new versions of an existing app without having to recreate it from scratch.
  • Rename project has been added allowing users to better organize their projects.
  • We’ve upgraded save management in the editor to better communicate the current state of a project and provide clear feedback for save warnings and errors. This will prevent users from continuing to make progress on their app after a save error occurs, which lead to lost work.
  • A promo tag has been added to the web simulator page in the editor for basic projects.


  • The device testing email has been updated to include instructions on how to install the test app if the install link isn’t clickable. This issue only occurs in specific email clients.
  • The email field on our signup page now says work email.
  • The success tooltip when a web simulator link is copied has been moved below the copy button so it won’t block the header text for shareable prototypes.
  • Element icons have been updated to our new brand colors.

Bug Fixes

  • Users can now select the option “Text Field > Text > Length” in the context selector for the Android text field element.
  • Invalid iOS tab bar events have been hidden from the editor.
  • Action data for the current action is no longer selectable in that action.
  • The projects tab on the dashboard is now active when the project settings page is open.
  • For certain invalid values, the color picker will now revert back to the last valid color and be properly reflected on the canvas.
  • The smart guide keyboard shortcut now works on Windows.
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