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Release Notes – Jan 23rd, 2018

New Features

  • The element type (image, text view, table cell, etc.) is now visible below the element name in the properties tab for the selected element.
  • The button to open the events modal for a specific event will now display the word “Add” when the event is empty and “Manage” when the event has one or more action in it. Additionally, the Add event button will display as white and the Manage event button will display as blue.


  • Performance improvements for the builder.
  • The request a plugin button has been removed from the editor. Plugins should now be requested by contacting support via the live chat window or email.
  • If a save error occurs, clicking the test button will now trigger a save error notification instead of attempting to initiate a build.

Bug Fixes

  • The unique tab index checker now displays the index number that is shared between tabs.
  • A temporary fix has been added to iOS projects that prevents build failures when a Go To Page action is being used in a lifecycle event. A full checker will be added to our next release.
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