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Release Notes – Jan 7th, 2018

New Features

  • An action has been added to calculate math expressions. This action allows users to carry out an arithmetic calculation within their application. Supported operations are addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
  • An action has been added to build a dynamic string. This action allows users to create a string template that references variables and use the resulting string within their application.


  • The tab bar for the Android ViewPager can now be pinned to the top and bottom of the view.
  • Added validation checker for project package-ID Reverse-Domain-Syntax requirement.
  • The array builder UI has been updated with a new image picker, new color picker, more intuitive button locations, and easier row ordering.

Bug Fixes

  • Elements will now display proper constraint sizes when inside a ScrollView.
  • For new projects, actions added to lifecycle events will now show up in real time rather than after page refresh.
  • Action parameters tooltips will no longer overlay the input and prevent selection.
  • Adding buttons with duplicate names in the show alert action will no longer prevent projects from validating and errors from displaying.  
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