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Release Notes – Jul 25th, 2017

New Features

  • An onboarding experience has been added to Dropsource that guides new users through an intro lesson to creating a simple app. This lesson is designed to introduce users to the Dropsource interface and teaches them the basics of becoming a successful Dropsource user.


  • The video tutorials drawer is no longer open by default for new projects. This simplifies the first experience of opening the editor and removes the need to close the video tutorial drawer as the first task.
  • The placeholders for an empty canvas, page list, and events modal no longer includes a misleading call to actions.
  • The web simulator has been redesigned to prevent it from overlapping the onboarding experience. More specifically, the “X” button to close the simulator has been moved to top right of simulator from the bottom.

Bug Fixes

  • The tutorial link in the API tab placeholder now links to the proper article in our help center.
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