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Release Notes – Jul 6th, 2016

New Features & Improvements

  • Users can now update their APIs! This means you can make additions, deletions, and changes to an API that has already been added to your project without having to redo all of the data assignments and events.
  • Users can now delete unused APIs from their projects as well.
  • Dropsource now supports API validation. When a user is adding or updating an API, Dropsource will validate the spec and return a list of errors that need to be fixed before the API can be added to a project. No more guessing what is wrong with your API when it fails to upload.
  • Starter templates and demo apps are now available to use in Dropsource. Simply select a template or demo app during the project creation process to get started!
  • Inbound context and device variables can now be edited.
  • UX improvements for swagger modal (improved progress indicators and errors/success states).
  • The first page in the page manager will now open when the workbench is loaded instead of the last page created.
  • The first page created in a project is now automatically assigned as the key page (the landing page).
  • A “loaded” event has been added to the Android view element.
  • A “loaded ” event has been added to the Android tile element.
  • iOS and Android source code files now have unique names so users can tell what file corresponds to what platform.

Bug Fixes

  • Button with image will no longer display tinted in Appetize (regardless of selection).
  • Buttons with image values now display properly in Appetize.
  • User can now run events inside the “cell drawn” event.
  • Deleting element used in parameter clears the corresponding parameter selection.
  • Elements set to 0 proportional constraints no longer appear larger in Appetize.
  • Special characters in web view URLs no longer cause the app to crash.
  • Dashboard modals now open in the middle of the screen instead of the middle of the page.
  • Padding was added to the bottom of the right sidebar so the Intercom chat button no longer blocks access to some properties.
  • Response tab and status code event actions no longer fail when there is more than 5 levels of nesting.
  • Context selector now includes paths to assigned items.
  • Data model naming is now unique.
  • Page Component action errors now show in the to do list.
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