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Release Notes – Mar 10th, 2017

New Features

  • After a long wait, we have introduced copy paste for elements on the canvas. Users can access this functionality by right clicking on an element or using the keyboard shortcuts ‘cmd + c’ or ‘cmd + v’.
  • We have opened our sign up form to allow users to create a Dropsource account without having to wait for a beta invitation.
  • We added plugin versioning so plugins within a project can be updated without having to clear the project cache.
  • Elements added:
    • Android document picker and previewer
    • Android map
  • Android apps can now use location data.
  • To do list validation has been added to check for dynamic lists that aren’t assigned a data source.
  • A Google Place API key section has been added to the app settings modal for Android. This enables geolocation and mapping functionality in Android apps.


  • The Android Appetize simulator has been upgraded to version 7.0.
  • The iOS button element now has background image and icon properties render properly.
  • Android SDKs have been upgraded to their most recent versions.
  • The Android webview element is now set to https by default.
  • Android images are now pre-colored to prevent memory and CPU performance issues.
  • Users can no longer add requests to an API that is in the process of being deleted.
  • When updating an API with routes to an API without routes, the last selected route stays visible on the select box will now be blank.
  • Elements with no constraints now have a placeholder indicating there are no constraints available.

Bug Fixes

  • Alpha for RGBA color values no longer accept values larger than 1 or smaller than 0.
  • Leaving the closing parenthesis for an RGBA value no longer causes an element to exhibit unintended behaviors like color and size changes.
  • Updating a user’s first name and last name no longer cause a form submission error on the dashboard.
  • Updated Github Login Redirect URL so our Github example app and demo API will work properly again.
  • When every segment in a segmented control is set as “not selected” the first segment is no longer selected in Appetize.
  • The default title for the iOS button element now shows up in the ‘highlighted’ or ‘selected’ state in the editor.
  • The Android menu item text color now renders correctly.
  • If a Page and an Element on that page have the same name the app will no longer crash.
  • The Android “pushup” page transition now renders correctly.
  • Deleting and/or adding new pages to a tabbed project no longer changes which page is the landing page.
  • View elements inside of another view elements can no longer have the same name.
  • Elements top/left constraints are no longer rendered incorrectly on the canvas for some devices.
  • Users are no longer allowed to enter more than 255 characters for app names.
  • Submitting a modal on the dashboard will no longer randomly freeze the page.
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