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Release Notes – May 5th, 2016

New Features & Improvements

  • The Elements palette was moved from the right sidebar to a left sidebar drawer. Click the button labeled “Elements” to open the drawer.
  • Icons were added to the Element palette cards for easier recognition.
  • Groups were added to the Element palette for easier navigation.
  • Element cards are now listed alphabetically in each group for easier navigation.
  • An element tree was added to the right sidebar for easier element selection and ordering.
  • The left sidebar drawer titles were updated to be the same font and style.
  • The background color of the drawers were changed to a light grey to distinguish it from the canvas area.
  • Links to our documentation and forum were added to the dashboard.

Bug Fixes

  • The order of elements in your app will now be the same order as elements on the canvas.
  • Android apps now support negative position constraints.
  • When you set a page with a tab bar as the landing page it will no longer default to the first page in the tab bar when the app is opened.
  • Saving will no longer become choppy when you have 40 or more elements on a page.
  • The Media Manager will now accept uppercase image extensions (JPG and PNG).
  • Deleting an element will no longer cause the element name and more options menu to disappear from the properties tab.
  • Adding quotes to a text value in the properties tab will no longer cause the build to fail.
  • Valid build codes are being no longer rejected when a build fails to compile.
  • The API Uploader will now accept uppercase file extensions (JSON).
  • The element name in the properties tab will now update in real time when you rename your element.
  • The constraint property rows will no longer break to the next line when a scroll bar is visible in the right sidebar.
  • The iOS and Android toggle tooltips now point up towards the tabs.
  • The element card will no longer appear disabled when you drop an element on an invalid location.
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