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Release Notes – Nov 5th, 2018

New Features

  • We’ve updated our pricing and introduced two new account types: Individual Developer Account and Enterprise Developer Account. These new account types replace the concept of Basic and Premium projects. To learn more about the features available in each please visit our pricing page.
  • If you go to the project settings page for any of your projects, you will notice that you can now purchase a Source Code License for a project instead of upgrading a project to Premium. Purchasing a Source Code License allows you to download your app’s source code as many times as you want for a year. If you purchase a Source Code License, it can be managed from the billing page on your dashboard.
  • We’ve introduced a new support option called Developer Assistance. Developer Assistance is an account add-on that provides direct access to our development team for guidance on how to build your app, API integration help, and assistance working through build errors and app troubleshooting. Once purchased, a chat window will be enabled in Dropsource so you can message our team directly.
  • Source Code Licenses can be cancelled from the project settings page.
  • In-app SSO plugins are now supported. Available to users with an Enterprise Developer Account.
  • A Salesforce integration is now supported as a Business System Integration for users with an Enterprise Developer Account.


  • The Help Menu is now accessible on the dashboard.
  • We have made device testing available to all users so now everyone can test their project on a mobile device.

Bug Fixes

  • The preview image no longer appears “broken” when the Android splash screen asset is not specified.
  • Android app names now recognize spaces.
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