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Release Notes – Oct 13th, 2017

New Features

  • We have added a 30 day free trial for new users so they can access premium features after signing up. The free trial will start as soon as a user’s first project is created.
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone X support has been added to the web simulator.
  • Users can now delete projects from their account. The delete project feature can be accessed from the project settings page for any project.
  • Plugins
    • iOS keychain action
    • Add events to native calendar action (iOS and Android)
    • Intercom action (iOS and Android)
    • Firebase Auth action (iOS and Android)
    • Firebase Analytics plugin (iOS and Android)


  • The options menu (…) in the editor has been redesigned to use text instead of icons to represent available options.
  • The loading state of the editor has been redesigned to better match our visual design style.
  • Addressed technical debt for test and build feature.
  • Decreased editor load time when projects are first opened.
  • The app settings modal will now show the title of the settings you are editing rather than having a generic title.
  • The success text when a password is reset from the login page is now green instead of red.
  • The Value Change from User Input event has been added to the Android Progress Bar element.

Bug Fixes

  • The editor no longer fails to save when multiple very large APIs are added to a project.
  • When requesting an app store deployment, the confirmation no longer stays open indefinitely and provides proper feedback that the request was sent successfully.
  • When re-adding a deleted path in an API, builds will no longer fail when requests of the previously deleted path are re-added.
  • The AWS settings form now displays proper section headers providing context for the required information.
  • Adding an API via URL will now validate properly after adding an API via demo or file.
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