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Release Notes – Sep 2nd, 2016

New Features & Improvements

  • To do list and Facebook viewer example apps were added to Dropsource.
  • Number inputs for element properties support validation for min, max, and decimal values.
  • Version number and bundle ID were removed from the app settings form. These fields are no longer required.
  • Elements can now interact with each other across plugins. For example, a button from “plugin 2” can be dropped in a table cell from “plugin 1”.
  • A property was added to the Android WebView that allows users to enable/disable javascript. Javascript is enabled by default.
  • Status code events will now be updated when the API is updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Entering a decimal or number input into a number input in an element’s properties will no longer cause a save error.
  • Workbench can reload after a request action is re-arranged.
  • A to do list error will no longer initiate when an API data source is in a ref.
  • Fixed error preventing some users to build their app after their first build attempt.
  • The API update/add modal will no longer fail on the next attempt after a failed import.
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