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Release Notes – Nov 29th, 2018

New Features

  • We’ve introduced offline caching functionality that allows users to store data on a device and display it in an app with or without a network connection. This is accomplished by extending our run request action so data can be pulled from an API and stored on a device for later use rather than having to run a request every time data is required.
  • A Network Connection Changed Page Event has been added so you can trigger actions if the device loses connection or detects a network.
  • Am iOS action has been added that allows users to open other apps based on a url scheme. For example, opening a specific facebook page with their app, with the option of falling back to the website in a browser. This is helpful for linking to social apps, etc.


Bug Fixes

  • The request Developer Assistance popup will now display a close button if opened immediately after the purchase of source code license.
  • Fixed issue where iOS AdMob element crashed when being used in a static tableview cell.
  • Fixed Android web view issue that prevented some web views from zooming.
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